Sell ZZT Series Insulated Van

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chassis model HFC5314XXYK4R1
category II
manufacturer Anhui Jianghuai Automotive Co. , Ltd
axle 4
wheel base (mm) 1700+4525+1350
wheel track (front/rear mm) 2040/1850
tire size 11.00-20.11.00R20.12.00-20.12.00R20
tire 12
engine model WD12.420
manufacturer Weichai Power Co. , Ltd
delivery capacity (ml) 11596
fuel diesel fuel
rated power (Kw) 309
emission standard GB17691-2001 the second stage, GB3847-2005

frame front type steel plate spring
quantity 9
back type steel plate spring
quantity 12
car load dimension parameters overall dimensions (mm) 11990*2545*3980
interior cargo body dimensions (mm) 9500*2380*2500
cubage (m3) 56.5
front overhang/rear overhang(mm) 1925/2490
quality parameters approach angle/departure angle(0) 19/16
curb weight(Kg) 13725
rated payload(Kg) 16980
gross vehicle weight(Kg) 30900
max. speed(km/h) 98
Persons in cab (persons) 3