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Name - Zamioculcas zamifolia - pronounced ZAM-ee-oh-cool-kass.
Description - It has strong, shiny elliptical leaves which are like tall, green feathers growing out of the pot, which give it a distinctly quirky appearance. The stalks are fleshy.
Origin - Tanzania, Zanzibar

Family - Aroid family - same as philodendron and spathiphyllum (peace lily) .
Care Tips - Easy to look after, it prefers to be too dry rather than too wet, so water sparingly. A sign of overwatering is if the lower leaves turn yellow. Feed once a month using weak solution during the growing period. Zamioculcas is very tolerant of different temperatures, prefers semi-shade but can take very low light levels. It performs well in bright light too but will then need watering more often.