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In 1896, P. Zeeman, the physicist of Holland discovered that when the light source was in the strong magnetic field, an original spectral line was split into several lines. The split spectral line was polarized in the component and the number of it was different due to the energy level classification. This phenomenon is named as the Zeeman effect latterly. After Faraday, the physicist of Britain found the magneto optical rotation effect in 1845 and Kerr found the magneto optic Kerr effect in 1876, the Zeeman effect was also a magneto-optical effect found by Zeeman. The Zeeman effect not only verifies that Lawrence Electron Theory is exact and gives Tom son the evidence used to find the electron but also verified that the atom is possessed of the magnetic moment and its spatial orientation is quantized. In 1902, Zeeman with Lawrence won the Nobel Physics Prize together due to this discovery. Up to now, the Zeeman effect is an important method by which the atomic energy level structure is being researched still.
This Zeeman effect laboratory apparatus is possessed of the following features such as steady magnetic field, convenient measurement and clear experimental split ring, which is suitable for the modern physical experimentation and designed experimentation in universities and colleges.
The following experiments can be carried out when this apparatus is used:
1. Master and observe the testing method for the Zeeman effect, deeply understand the atomic physics concepts such as atomic magnetic moment and space quantization;
2. Observe the split phenomenon of 546.1nm spectral line of Hg atom as well as the polarized status of them; Calculate the electron charge mass ratio according to the Zeeman split distance;
3. Study the method by which Farburi-Baul etalon can be adjusted;
4. Learn how to apply CCD devices during spectral measurement. (CCD devices, acquisition system and experimental analysis software are purchased selectively)