Sell Zen Exfoliator

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Zen exfoliator exfoliates with enzymes, refreshes and moisturises.
Instead of using the traditional tartaric acid and salicylic acid, this Exfoliator uses a safer mechanism which comprises papaya enzymes, apple enzymes and blueberry enzymes, to replace natural Vitamin A acid. The active ingredients can undergo proteolysis and selectively dissolve aged cells. They are able to remove keratin without harming new and living cells. It is indeed the most natural exfoliating mechanism devoid of side effects. The multiple moisturising contents can also form a protective mask on your face to prevent dehydration, making you refreshed, nourished and moisturised!
Removes keratin on the face, nourishes and moisturizes with multiple moisturizing contents. It is a natural, lasting and highly effective moisturizer.

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