Sell Zhen De Shou Chinese Herbal Fat Loss Capsule

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Zhen De Shou Chinese Herbal Fat Loss Capsule
For sale are THREE (3) Packages of Zhen De Shou Chinese Herbal Fat Loss Capsule.
Each package has 10 tablets
Total: 30 tablets - 30 day supply
Expiration Date: 06/2009
"Zhen De Shou kind of botanical sliming medicine. In the old and mysterious primitive forest of Shennongjia there grows a kind of plant--crataegus pinnatifida, which is also popularly called Shenxlanye (fairyleaves) . EPT experts found that this crataegus pinnatifida has magic effect for slimming. In Shennongjia Natural Reserve, tourists can taste smell bean curd cooked in water with fairy leaves. Local people all are familiar with the experience that if a person takes (eats) fairy leaves, he will reduce weight by 1.5-4 kg.

"1. Sliming theory applied by Zhen De Shou:
1) Consuming surplus fat: Zhen De Shou contains active ingredients that can activate fat metabolism and change white cells of fat depot into brown cells for heat production. White cells of fat depot exist in great amount in parts such as belly, waist, arms and buttocks.
2) Curbing the absorption of fat: Konjac contained in fairy leaves can curb the activity of lipase and cut the absorption of fat by intestinal canal. Other ingrediants in konjac have strong appetence with fat contained in food and these ingredients and fat can change into non-absorbing compound and be discharged.
3) Controlling the intaking of energy. In human body, konjac can be decomposed three natural subtances that consume heat in human body and thus prevent heat from forming fat . In the process, the slimmer has a feeling of hungriness.

"2. Four features of Zhen De Shou:
1) Slimming rapidly. Weigth can be reduced by 2.55 kg. within a period of 10 days.
2) Being in accordance with the five principles of WHO. No anorexia, no diarrhea, no acratia, no anhydration and no recurrence.
3) Targeted slimming. Have strong effects for reducing fat in waist, belly, thigh and buttocks.
4) Slimmers can measure the effect of slimming. Every day slimmers will have a pleasant feeling of fat reduction.

"3. Zhen De Shou. different every day:
1) On the first day you will feel rapid heating in your belly.
2) At the night of the first day you will feel fat on eight side of belly is trembling slightly.
3) In the morning of the second day, you come to water closet and all the wastes converted from fat will be discharged. You will feel that you are relaxed.
4) On the third day, all of the deposited fat in gut and blood vessel with have been discharged.
5) On the morning of the fifth day you will find your face has become vital and beautiful. What a pleasant suprise!
6) On the sixth day you will feel that your whole body has been vitalized by a stong qi in your body. The process of fat decomposition is progressing rapidly. Measuring your waistline, you will find that your waistline has been reduced by 25 cm. and your weight has been reduced by 13 kg. Wow, so great!
7) On the tenth day your weight has been reduced by 2.55 kg. Wearing fashionable dress and walking in the street, you will attract eyes of millions of men.

"4. Outcome of clinical trial for Zhen De Shou:
1) Meeting the requirements of WHO and FDA concerning slimming.
2) It can rapidly reduce subcutaneous fat and fat around the internal organs.
3) After taking three boxes, the slimmer can have her waistline reduced by 8.8 cm averagely.
4) On the average, weight can be reduced by 6 kg. after the slimmer has taken in two boxes of the medicine. Effective rate (weight reduction>5%) is above 90%. Apparent rate (weight reduction> 10%) is over 70%.

"Ingredients: crataegus pinnatifada, safflower, ginko-nut, cassia seed and aiga (Luoxuanzao in Chinese) .

"Effective ingredient and content: flavone >40mg/capsule.

"Function: regulate body fat.

"Target people: fat people and those who want to be slim.

"Specification: 250 mg. *10 capsules (per package) .

"Usage: to be taken orally. Once a day and one capsule per time. To be taken half and hour before breakfast.

"Caution: Pregnant women, lactation mothers, people with serious diseases must not take in this medicine. "

Disclaimer: This was recommended to me by some Filipino friends who lost weight on this diet product. After about a month of using it, I lost about 7 lbs. Not alot but it was worth the effort. Some friends have reported frequent bowel movements during their first few days on it but that wasn't the case for me, I was just less hungry and energized. I bought several of these to sell after my mom came back from Manila. Good luck guys and gals!