Sell Zigzag Sewing Machine

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Off-center axis hook has been adopted which allows the hook point to catch thread loop at equidistance to left and right,thereby reducing skip stitching and thread breakage considerably.It also creates nicelokping and soft stitches.Needle-to-hook adjustment
has also become easier.

TIN coated bobbin case holder prevents the hook from overheating and also increases the life of the hook.With the adoption of special valve,less supply of oil to the hook is required,thereby preventing oil stain on the fabric being sewn.

With the adoption of new needle position shifting lever,fine adju- stment of needle location is simplified.Moreover,needle position can be fixed firmly by means of a stopper provided on the lever.

New type rotary take-up ensures uniform thread tensions at low tension settings.With the adoption of reshaped hook and thread guide which prevents flapping of thread,high quality stitches can be achieved.

Fully improved built-in type bobbin winder makes it easier to adjust the amount of thread to be wound in bobbin and thread tension when winding bobbin.The presser bar pressure regulating knob enables the simple adjustment of presser bar pressure.

Oil leakage-free, fully automatic lubrication system ensures that oil is supplied to each section reliably. It also has a long service life.

Fine adjustment of stitch length is possible by using a knob Visual display for stitch length with the use of an indicator.

Basting,tacking and general zig-zag work lace attaching
Attaching lace.making shoulder straps.etc.
Elastic seaming and attaching elastic straps to corsets and bras.Also decorative sewing.
Decorative sewing fo girdles.negiges.etc

Drop feed and reverse feed.
speed depends on materials and type of operation.needle Cat.No.1906 for all varieties.
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