Sell Zinc Borate

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Property: White powder, without poison, flavor and corrosiveness. Doesn't dissolve in water and other organic solvent, is easy dissolved in hydrochloric acid & sulfuric acid, etc. Good thermal stability, small granule size, less specific gravity and easy dispersed. Good miscibility with most of the polymer. Fewest smoke when burning, excellent performance in inflaming retarding.

Use: be widely used in industry of rubber, plastic, fibre, paint, ceramic, medicine. Also used in producing of insulating material & products, rubber tapes & pipes, electrical cables & wires, germicide, mildew inhibitor, and many kinds of fire protection coatings. Good effect when used together with organic halide. The Zinc Borate can be used as fire retardant singly, also can be mainly used instead of stibous oxide; comparing with stibous oxide, the Zinc Borate is cheaper & no poison. The Zinc Borate acts the roles as frit in ceramics, acts the roles as the matching material in Radial tyre, also acts the roles as the preservative in wood industry too. In a word, it is a ideal inorganic fire retardant with function of environment protection.