Sell Zinc Fatty Acid

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ZnFA mainly improves heat stability, anti thermal ageing whiteness and amends the particle structure characteristics of PVC. ZnFA also improves the elasticity and anti-tear strength of Sulfur Colloid. For rubber tire and shoe, ZnFA used as shrinking agent and good dispersant separately. No bloomary and function as peptizing and lubrication, ZnFA has excellent compatibility with rubber. It has physical and chemical plasticizing function, can lower the temperature, shorten the time and energy consuming in the mixing or plasticizing process for natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Showing good effect on the improving of productivity and measure stability, ZnFA has no bad effect on the sulfuration of rubber and the bond between metal and fiber. The dosage is one to five percent and it may be punched when plasticizing raw rubber or punched with other additives at the first phase of mixing process.