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Zinc Monomethionine
Zinc is vital in several enzyme systems and is very important in growth, reproductive capacity, immune response and bone and skeletal soundness. Methionine can aid the metabolism of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Our product, zinc Methionine is a metal amino acid complex that is readily available to the animal. It is suitable for individuals with malabsorption and poor zinc status and for vegetarians and vegans.
[Molecular Formula]: C5H11NO6S2Zn
[Product Code]: SZN01
[Molecular Weight]: 310.66
[Physical Properties]: Off-white powder, easily soluble in water
Items Standard
Methionine 40.014%
Zn 20.012%
Loss on drying 6.012%
Heavy metals (Pb) <=0.002%
Arsenic(As) , % <=0.0005

[Packaging]: 25Kg/drum
[Storage]: preserved in dry and cool place at room temperature.
[Usage]: Nutritional additive, widely used in feed and food industry