Sell Zinc Oxide

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Zinc Oxide is white powder, no poison, and no smelling, double quality oxide. It dissolves in Acid, Alkali and Amine Chloride soluton. It does not dissolve in Water and Alcohol. In the air, it can absorb water and carbon dioxide. When it is heated to 1800, it will sublimate; after the heat goes down, it goes back to white. It is alkalinity, so it can be made into paint with oil.
Usages: In rubber production Zinc Oxide works as vulcanized active agent of Natural Rubber, Latex, and Synthetic Rubber. This is the most important no-active agent in coloring of paint, ink, and varnished cloth, in printing and dyeing industry, it works as printing resist. And it also can be used to work with glass, matches medicine, cable, glaze, (indirection) .