Sell Zinc Pyrithione , ZPT, ZPT- 50, Pyrithione Zinc  ,13463-41-7

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Zinc Pyrithione , ZPT, ZPT- 50, Pyrithione Zinc ,13463-41-7

Chemical Name: Pyrithione Zinc ,13463-41-7,
zinc bis(pyridine-2-thiol) di-1-oxide, zinc bis(1,2-dihydro-2-thioxo-1-pyridyl) dioxide, Zinc Omadine, Mercaptopyridinenoxide zinc salt , ; 2-Mercaptopyridine N-oxide zinc salt
CAS number : 13463-41-7

Specifications :

ZPT- 50
ZPT Powder

Zinc Pyrithione is 50% water suspension of Zinc Pyrithione. It is an effective antimicrobial to fungi and bacteria, which can effectively kill the fungi that cause the dandruff. It is used as antidandruff agent for a long time and widely used in various famous shampoo.

Zinc Pyrithione with fine particle size can effectively prevent the precipitation and double antimicrobial effect.

Zinc Pyrithione is also widely used as antimicrobial in coating and paper pulp