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Zinc Sulfate monohydrate(also spelled zinc sulphate) is a very water soluble, clear, crystalline compound. Zinc sulfate is commonly used as the heptahydrate form; Zinc sulfate monohydrate is used in agriculture as a weed killer and to give protection against pests; It is used to supply zinc in animal feeds and fertilizers; It is also an important constituent of the precipitating bath in the manufacture of viscose rayon and in electrolyte for zinc plating; It functions as a mordant in dyeing; as a preservative for skins and leather; and as an astringent and emitic in medicine.
Specification for Zinc sulfate Monhydrate
Synonyms:White Vitriol; White Copperas; Zinc Vitriol;
Formula: ZnSO4 H2O
CAS No. : 7446-19-7
Molecular Weight:179.45
Content: 98.0%min
Zn :35.0% min
pH: 4 - 5
Fe: 0.06% max
Pb: 0.002% max
Cd: 0.003% max
As: 0.005% max
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