Sell Zirconia Ceramic Y Peeler (Black Handle)

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Commodity Name:
Y Zirconia Ceramic Peeler, Black Plastic Handle.


Product Size: 20x63x125mm

Technical Info. :
1, Material Composition
ZrO2>94.4 Y2O3 5.25 SiO2<0.015 Fe2O3<0.01
Na2O<0.01 Al2O3<0.25 Cl-<0.01

2, Material Properties
Specific density 5.95g/cm
Hardness(HV) >10Gpa
Bending strength 1150Mpa
Fracture toughness 7-10
Grain size <0.5um
Elastic modulus 205Gpa
Thermal comductivity 3w/m  k
Thermal expansion Coefficient 20-4000

The Y peeler's blade is special designed for heavy-duty tasks like papaya, melon, jicama and root vegetables. It can also be used for shaving chocolate and hard cheeses.

Ceramic harp peeler is composed of a rotating zirconia ceramic blade that is non-stick. It will remain free of rust and will not absorb the after taste of food. Ultra-sharp blade that will hold its edge much longer than regular steel. Impervious to food acids that eventually discolor steel products, ceramic blade do not leave behind any metallic taste or smell, helping to maintain each food's taste.

Enjoy specialized blade that fail to react with acids in foods causing browning in fruits and veggies. Easier to use and easier to clean than steel, each white ceramic blade has a nonstick surface which makes clean up effortless. Extremely light weight and perfectly balanced, these knives are a pleasure to use every time you cook.

Clean & Storage:
Ceramic blade will not tarnish or absorb food odors. They are easy to care for by rinsing in warm water, and they do not need to be fully dried when stored, dishwasher safe. The translucent blades are made from ceramic zirconia manufactured by M & J, the leader in fine ceramic materials. The master knife maker carefully shapes and sharpens each blade by hand.

The sharpest cutting blade in the world with 1 year guarantee.
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50,000 units per month
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