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Silicic acid zirconium refraction leads height 1.93-2.01, the chemistry function is stable , is a confused agent of suckling of one kind of high grade , price honest and clean, in the childbirth quilt being used for various ceramics , domestic ceramics , one-level handicraft article ceramics building ceramics , hygiene etc. broadly, the amounts producing middle , using range to apply broadly in the treating that the ceramic glaze expects that, are big.
it can be applied broadly in giving birth to a child in ceramics, the stability is fairly good because of whose chemistry , does not accept ceramics burning the effect becoming an atmosphere as a result, the ceramic notable energy improvement base glaze binding ability, improves the ceramics glaze hardness. The silicic acid zirconium expects having got the application going a step further in giving birth to a child also in color telecube of the TV industry , glass industry emulsification glass , porcelain enamel.
Silicic acid zirconium melting point is 2500 ~C, therefore the zirconium is beaten with a stick in the grog , the glass kiln stove also by extensive use since material , teeming material, gush coating material.
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