Sell Zr( Zirconium) (F-ST-1042)

Zr( Zirconium) (F-ST-1042) You May Also Be Interested In: zirconium zirconium plate zirconium powder zirconium tube zirconium wire
Zirconium is a lustrous grayish-white metal that resembles titanium. We supply various forms of zirconium products consisting of powder, wire, rod, strip, plate, tube, alloys and etc.

The essentials:
Chemical formula: Zr
Color: silvery white
Atomic number: 40
Atomic weight: 91.224(2)
CAS registry number: 7440-67-7

1) Zirconium powder
2) Zirconium wire
3) Zirconium rod
4) Zirconium strip
5) Zirconium plate
6) Zirconium tube
7) Zirconium standard parts
8) Zirconium dioxide(ZrO2)
9) Zirconium alloys (Zr/Mg)

We also supply customer-made zirconium products upon your request.