Sell a-corundum brick

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Cast alumina(Corundum) goods

Cast alumina(Corundum) goods is used for high pure alumina and produced by high temperature thaw, foundry above20000C in the electric cooker. (Alpha) -(Beta) corundum goods is made up of (Alpha) -alumina and (Beta) -alumina and they are crystal interleaving to form a very compact structure , also have excellent endurance strong alkalescence . Under the 13500C , the Corrosion Resistance to glass melt is as same as AZS. Because of not have Fe2O3, TiO2, etc. Impurity which a spot of glass phase. When touch the glass liquid, it will appear air bladder, etc. and thereby have a characteristic, which is no contamination of glass liquor. So it is very suitable liquor. So it is very suitable for sidewalls, pond bottoms, forehearth feeders of slap-up glass kiln.

Chemical Composition(%) RA-H

SiO2 0.80

Al2O3 95.0

Na2O 3.50

Fe2O3 Tiny

TiO2 Tiny

Physical Properties

True Proportion (g/cm3) 3.54

Cold crushing strength(Mpa) 200

Thermal expansion rate (%) 10000C 0.70

15000C 1.09

Bulk density(g/cm3) PT 3.20

WS 3.40

Crystalline phase composition(%)

Glass phase 1

(Alpha) -Corundum 44

(Beta) -Corundum 55