Sell a-pyrrolidone (2-pyrrolidone)

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a-Pyrrolidone is an important chemical material, widely being used in making pharmaceuticals, textiles, dyes, coating and cosmetics, such as Pharmacy, nylon-4, pvp, artificial blood plasma etc. .

Physical properties:
Molecular formula:C4H7NO
Molecular weight:85.10
Structural formula:
Properties: colorless transparent liquid , Melting point 24.60C, insoluble in petroleum ether but soluble in water, alcohol, chloroform, benzene, ethyl acetate and carbon disulfide.

Specifications Superior grade:

Index Top grade
Purity(Wt%) >=99.0
Moisture(Wt%) <=0.3
Density p25g/ml 1.107-1.115
Colority HaZen <=25
Refractive index N 30


Safety properties:This is an organic toxic product, No. of risk classes:84092.
Package & storage: Standard iron barrel, Net weight:200kg10.05.
The product should be sealed and stored in shelter for moistureproof, fireproof, handling gently avoiding leakage.