Sell a4 size cutter

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Reference Paper Width: paper width: 900mm Net width: 870mm
Slitting Number: four units - 210mm for A4 size
Diameter of Paper Roll: max 1200mm, min 600mm
Diameter of Paper Core: 6 (152.4mm) or by your demand
Material of Paper: high grade duplicate paper, high grade writing paper, high grade duplex paper, and so on
Reference Weight of Paper: 60-100g/m2
Cutting Length: 297mm length (A4 size paper design)
Sheets Quantity/ream: 500 sheets with 65mm high
Max. Design Speed: 150m/min
Max. Cutting Times: 505times/min
Ream Delivery Cycle: 4.04/min
Production Speed: max 100-120m/min (have a little change by the difference of paper
Cutting Times: 4.04times/min
Paper Ream Delivery Cycle: 3.2/min
Max. Weight of Cutting Paper: 400g/m2 (4W100g/m2
Cutting Accuracy: 10.2mm
Cutting condition: 1. Stable speed; 2. Paper axis without break; 3. All the paper be cut at the same time; 4. Assure the paper is satisfactory
Transmitted: adjusted by AC transformer step-less varied speed
Main Power: 3W380V 50HZ
Control Voltage: 220V AC/24V DC
Power: 50KW
Compressed Air Consumption: 300NL/min
Compressed Air Pressure: 6bar
Cutting Edge: 20mmW2
Safety Guarantee: designed according to the domestic stander of safety