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Sintered Ceramic-Corundum Abrasive Chips Series (Polishing and Tumbling Media) are used for de-burring and surface polishing of metal parts.

Sintered Ceramic-Corundum Abrasive Chips are specially designed to the burnishing processing for punching, casting, machining and standard goods, etc. , which are widely applied to machinery, hydraulic bearing, electric appliance, hardware, instrument, apparatus, meter, medical instrument, photographic equipment, bicycle, automobile, dinnerware, sewing machine, gas engine, aluminum alloy good, etc.

Sintered Ceramic-Corundum Abrasive Chips Series have many form including sphericity, triangle, oblique triangle, fan shape, ellipse, cylinder, oblique cylinder, square, diamond, particle type, three-star type, four-star type, V type, etc. Every type has many specifications. As per different polishing ratio, we can offer the best solution for rough, intermediate and precision grinding.