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Good taste: similar to sucrose in terms taste.
High sweetness: about 200 times sweeter than sucrose
Easily dissoled: dissolving quickly in water under room termperature
Non-calorie: no metabolism and no calorrific value in the body, suitable for diabetics.
Synergistic effect: Acesulfame-K has a distinguished sunergistic effect when used in combination with other sweeteners, which can make a 20-40%reduction in the quantity of product required.
Long-lasting stablity: no loss quality for 10 years druing storage, not hygroscopic, high physical and chemical stability even at 225 Cor the good product in the range of PH2-10, no interration with other in volved ingredients and additives.
It will not cause tooth decay, with the good product image of low calorie and protecting tooth.
Lower the production costs.
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