Sell acesulfame potassium

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We can supply you acesulfame potassium, and the specifications are as following:
Pure sweet taste: its sweet taste is similar to the cane sugar
High sugariness: is 200 times of cane sugar
Easy to dissolve in water: when 200, the solubility is 27g.


In food aspect, the Acesulfame-k has good stability and suitable taste , is the best sweeting agent for producing soft drinks, in addition, it also can be used in bakery products, pastry, solid drink, candy, jam, chewing gum, instant coffee, dairy products, jelly, pudding, sweeting agent and so on.
In the medicine aspect, it is used in the syrup preparation, sugarcoated tablets, bitter medicine masking agent and so on;
In the cosmetics aspect, it is used in the lipstick, toothpaste, gargle and so on.