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Alias Name: Glacial Acetic Acid Molecular

Formula: C2H4O2

Clear and colorless liquid, with a pungent odor, miscible with water, ethanol, glycerin and aether but not with carbon bisulfide. Specific gravity: 1.04928; melting point: 16.66510.0020; boiling point: 117.90; viscosity: 1.22 centipois (200) ; flash point: 430 (closed cup) ; refractive index: 1.3715; burning point: 4650. Frozen into ice at a temperature of less than 160.

Quality Standard
The product passes ISO9002 quality certification and is in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T1628.1-2000. With main indexes exceeding the best-grade standard, the product is 100% of best quality. And it adopts the international standard ASTM D3620-1994through affirmation and modification of the national Sophisticated metering inspection system.