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A. S-150 General purpose acetic silicone sealant.
Characteristic:1. S-150 is one component, acetic room temperature curing, multi-purpose silicone sealant
2. Excellent thixotropic properties, no seasonal limited, excellent adhesion to most building materials, excellent tensile and compression restoring ability, It is ideal for indoor/outdoor uses.
3. Provides a watertight, flexible seal, and unaffected by temperature extremes after cured.
Application Range:
1. Caulking and sealing of indoor decoration.
2. Glazing of building doors and windows.
3. Many other building and industrial uses
Direction For Use:
1. Make adhesion test prior to use, and confirm the applicability of product.
2. Clean the substrate with solvents or suitable detergent to keep the surface completely clean and dry. Apply sealant within 30 minutes after cleanness.
3. Ensure filling the joint with enough sealant and intimate contact the substrate surface. Tool the sealant within 5 minutes after application.
4. The suitable temperature of applying sealant is 5۫ C~40۫ C.
1. Not used for structural silicone glazing.
2. Do not apply to the substrates that bleed oil and some other exudates.
3. Not suitable for bonding seal the other metal materials of coated surface except stainless steel, fluorocarbon spraying and alumina.
4. Do not use for mirror glass and coated glass.
Storage:Store in a dry and cool place where the temperature is below 27۫ C. Packaging:280ml(net capacity) , 300ml(net capacity) cartridge. Color: Clear, white, black, grey and customers request. Test Standard: GB/T 14683-2003
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