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Acid black 26;  6262-07-3
Overview: Product name: Acid black 26 Other Names: Weak Acid black VL C.I.: BL 26 CAS No.: 6262-07-3 Type: Acid Dye EINECS No.: 228-412-8 Brand Name: FNAT Color: Black powder Usage: Leather Dyestuffs, Textile Dyestuffs Product....

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we would like to introduce our company, Shijiazhuang Jihua Chemcial Textile Co. , Ltd. in China, which is engaged in producing the Acid dyes, and our products are mainly expoted. Acid dyes: Acid black 10B (Acid black 1) , Acid Orange II (Acid Ora....
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acid black 194 is one of the most competitive products of my company . my company has been doing the business of the item . details are showed as follows . acid black 194 160% or 200% packing :25kg cartons if you are interested in it , pl....
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It is new item made in China It is I/O Netural Black 172 (C. I. ACID BLACK 172)
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We can offer excellent quality of Acid Black 210 along with all other Acid Dyes upto 100 mt/month on regular basis
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PRINCIPLE OF WORK Air is turned into hot air through heater and enters into hot air distributor at the top of dry chamber and then enters into dry chamber and rotates in the state of helix. At the same time liquid of raw material is sent to centri....

customized size steel concrete nail
Concrete nail, commonly known as steel nails, is one of the types of nails, using carbon steel production, material have 45# steel or 60# steel, through wire drawing, annealing, nail, such as quenching process, so the quality of a material is harder.....

Acid Orange 7# Acid Orange 3R 67# Acid Orange AGT 116# Acid Orange 3G 156# Metanil Yellow MT 36# Acid Light Yellow G 11# Acid Light Yellow 2G 17 Acid Yellow A4R 199 Acid Yellow 4R 219 Acid Red B Carmoisine 14 Acid Naph....
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Rubber mat
Rubber matting and sheeting series: Superior quality, indoor/outdoor, round stud, ribbed, multi-purpose safety matting, extra hardwearing, all purpose slip resistant matting. Our matting are suitable for many applications including workshop, wareh....
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We are offering these high quality and low price Fine chemicals. 2-methyl butyric acid 3-methyl butanol Acesulfame Kascorbyl palmitate Acetic Acid Glacial 99%min albendazole Allantoin Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate Arbutin Ascorbi....