Sell acid etched`glass

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Our acid etching pattern glass are mainly used for interior and exterior decorating of doors, windows, cabinets and buildings etc. , and our product are also suitable for cutting to difference size as per your requirement. The thickness of our product could be various from 3mm to 12mm, and the regular dimension is 2200x1650mm and 2440x1830mm while the maximal dimension could be 2134x3050mm and 2134x3300mm.

Our glass could be sorted into following series:

Etched Glass or Mirror without patterns:
No fingerprint frosting Glass(NFF-001)
No fingerprint frosting Mirror(NFM-001)

Etched Glass with patterns:
Obscured Deep-etched Pattern Glass(ODG series)
Obscured Stereo Pattern Glass(HG series)
Transparent Stereo Pattern Glass(TSG series)
Deep-etched & Obscured Pattern Glass(DSG series)
Colorful Deep-etched Pattern Glass(CDG series)