Sell acid resistant brick

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This product can be used in drying tower of chemical factory, fertilizer factory and sulfuric acid factory, liner of reactor of absorbing tower, liner of anticorrosive pool, grooves, channels, and laying of acid resistance floor.

Main technical indexes:
Item Unit Value Standard
Bulk density G/cm3 2.31-2.4 HG/T3210-1986
Water absorption % 0.2 GB/T8488-2001
Acid resistance % 99.8 GB/T8488-2001
Bending strength Mpa >=58.8 GB/T8488-2001
Compressive strength Mpa >=80 HG/T3210-1986
Acute coldness/heat resistance temperature difference 1000C not crack after 1 time GB/T8488-2001
Main specification of tile and plate:
Name Specification Name Specification
Standard tile 230W113W65 Acid resistant ceramic plate 100W110W15
Rectangle tile 113W113W65 Acid resistant ceramic plate 150W150W15-30
Transv wedge tile 230W113W56/65 Acid resistant ceramic plate 150W70W15/-30
Transv wedge tile 230W113W25/65 Acid resistant ceramic plate 100W100W10
End wedge tile 230W113W55/65 Acid resistant ceramic plate 80W80W10
End wedge tile 230W113W25/65 Acid resistant ceramic plate 50W50W10
End wedge tile 230W113W65/45 Acid resistant ceramic plate 180W110W20-30
Narrow tile 230W65W65
Half narrow tile 113W65W65
Main chemical composition of tile and plate (%) :
SiO2 69.8
Al2O3 22.5
K2O 2.7
Na2O 0.95
CaO 0.82
MgO 0.12
Fe2O3 0.05
IL 0.54
Acid resistance 99.8