acid yellow 49

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Acid dyes Acid Yellow 199, Acid yellow 49, Acid yellow 219
Acid Orange 7# Acid Orange 3R 67# Acid Orange AGT 116# Acid Orange 3G 156# Metanil Yellow MT 36# Acid Light Yellow G 11# Acid Light Yellow 2G 17 Acid Yellow A4R 199 Acid Yellow 4R 219 Acid Red B Carmoisine 14 Acid Naphthol R....

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as one of the most earliest and biggest acid dyes manufacturer in china, passed the ISO9001 in 1996 and ISO 14001 in 2001, with the total annual output of dyestuffs and intermediates hitting more than 5000 MT, nearly 85% of the products are to be exp....
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