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The acorn, oak's fruit, takes the form of the silkworm cocoon, therefore calls the chestnut the cocoon. Acorn semblance hard shell, brown red, in the kernel like shelled peanut, the oak seeds include the rich starch, the content reach about 60%, but also includes the crude protein, the crude fat, the crude fiber. The oak seeds may eat, and may make raw material which the textile industry sizing uses. Processes the manufacture with the oak kernel the oak kind bean curd, the taste delicious, in the fragrance the belt is sweet. Every hundred catty oak kernel may ferment about 55 degree white liquor 40 catties. Uses in the sizing having the special function, the size density is stable, boiling fastness, the temperature change influence, is not been even after the weft starching, spins yarn smoothly, the elasticity is good, does not moisten the line, may enhance the cloth rate 3.7%, suits dyeing, the dye printing, the blanching technological requirement