Sell acoustic boards & lightweight blocks

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acoustic boards for sound insulation for auditoriums, theatres, multiplexes, etc

lightweight boards for lightweight construction & sound & heat insulation.

Decorative garden wall for sound insulation which requires no foundation & is easy to erect.

Blocks for Roofing/Concrete Slabs, Wall Insulation and Partitions used in Factories, Hospitals, Offices, and Homes

Lighter and Cheaper Than Any Other Insulating Material.
Very Easy and Quick to Install.
Long Lasting and Totally Unaffected by Weather conditions
Termite Proof and Unaffected by Other Insects or Rodents
Durable and Tested to Stand Severe Conditions of Rains, Heat and Snow
Sound Proof
Unlike many other insulation materials it is made fire resistant.
Blocks scientifically manufactured with curing and chemical treatment
Eco Friendly. Made from Wood wool and Rice Husk
Zero Maintenance or Replacement Cost
Can receive plaster and decorative treatment just like a brick or concrete wall.
Keeps its shape and volume for years.