Sell acrylic sheet

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Acrylic sheet is one of the plastic with excellence of thermal forming and easy extra worked sheet. It's high light transparency, superior impact resisdence, excellent clearness, wide range of color selection, good electrical insulation, excellent weather ability, flexible to meet mechanical and chemical design work, stable color under outdoor exposure.

1. Good transparency, weather resistance and good mechanical processability.
2. Light and safe in use. Non-toxic. Easy to process.
3. Good transparency, Good weather resistance, Non-toxic, Easy to process.

1. Advertisement:CNC engraving, laser engraving or cutting, exhibition & display, takes shape for hot curving, silk screen printing, sign board, logo and mark, etc.
2. Furniture:bathtub, office furniture, cabinet, door and window, etc.
3. Finishing Material:decorative sheets, storage racks, room segments, etc.
4. Aviation electronic and traffic vehicles:windshield, sign light and guide light of lampshade of plane, ship, trains, airplanes, etc.
5. Other trade:cultural goods, handcrafts article, decorates, medical and optical trades, etc.