Sell activated bleaching earth

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This materials are produced from natural bentonites by acid activation and has been used for refining of vegetable and animal oils and fats as well as for the decolorization of special mineral oils. The major properties of bleaching earth and its most important characteristics of quality are:
1. excellent bleaching effect by excellent adsorptive capacity
2. acid value 0.11%
3. activity degree-187%
4. decoloring power-100%
5. loose density-0.9g/ml
6. optimized moisture content 9 - 12% - excellent bleaching performance
7. classified particle size distribution(150 - 25 microns) - optimal filtration guaranteed
8. large surface(0.9g/ml) - high quality refining
* we also offer fengquan product for btx(benzen, toluen, xylene) refinery