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Other names are 5-Adenylic acid; A-5-MP; AMP-5; t-Adenylic acid; Muscle adenylic acid; Adenosine-5-monophosphate. Uniformity white crystalline powder. Easy deliquescence, easy soluble in hot water, slight soluble in alcohol. Not soluble in ether. HPLC and UV content is not less than 98%. No other nucleotides can be detected in the product. It can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates, to prepare cyclic-AMP and adenosine triphosphate and arabinoadenosine. Recently AMP reveal to inhibit the bitter taste. It is also added into infant formula to enhance the baby's immunity.
It is produced from ribonucleic acid as raw material with 5'-phosphoryldiesterase and seperated and refined. Or it can be chemical synthesized from adenosine.
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