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cyanoacrylate super glue 1-2pcs/card.

High viscosity adhesive for the office and family features the characteristic as long shelf life and as well as strong toughness and low bloom. it is suitable for the repairing and the adhesive of exquisite goods, such as jade, leather, porcelain, wood, leather, toys and artwork.
Certifications: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and SGS certificate of quality

MASTER BOND is for high quality adhesive, it is designed for the industrial and professional instant
adhesive, it can be used in different viscosity, cure speed, padding and different surface of materials,
the characteristic is following:
1. PP, PE, EPDM Materials
2. High tenacity, softy, strength and impact-resistant
3. The space is a little bit more. Flowing or not flowing
4. Acid and muti-hole materials
5. Heat-resistance, warm-resistance, solvent-resistance and climate-resistance character
6. Non strong smell and low bloom

Due to the hard-glue materials, we strongly advise to use MASTERBOND professional aviator and cleaner, it will get much better effect.
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