Sell adhesive vinlys (back Glue)

adhesive vinlys (back Glue)
PVC Film black glueComposition:Finish, White PVC FilmThickness : 110Micron (0.09MM) weight: 140GSMShrinking: <0.9%Opaque : 80%Durability: 1 year AdhrsiveAdhesive Type : permanent acrylic adhesiveTemperature Range: -25C--85CUV Resistance: GoodTack: 550N/Mfinal Tack: 700N/MRelease paperType:Kraft paper with ine side Silicone Backingclour:WhiteWeight: 140GSMthickness: 160Micron (0.16MM) Applications: Typical applications include indoor&outdoor signage and wid-format digital printing such as vehice advertising , irregular plane, outdoor durable signage and product labels , etcSpecification:Width: 1.06,1.27,1.37,1.52,1.82mLength:50 m