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1/3 SONY super HAD CCD

480 Line, automatic tracing white balance

automatic volume control; automatic color-black

0.5LUX Minimum illuminance, intelligent digital automatic Back light compensation

automatic aperture electronic shutter

induce infrared rays of 830-1000nm wave length

easily recovered under the sun


1/3 SONY super HAD CCD

built-in intelligent mechanical OLPE switcher

high-definition color 500 line

induce infrared rays of 700-1100nm wave length

automatic white balance, 225 zone fully intelligent back light compensation

16 user defined OLPE swithing-delaying


1/3 SONY Ex-view HAD CCD

480 line automatic white balance

color-black automatic switching under low illuminance

induce infrared rays of 830-1000nm wave length

built-in electronic strong light control system. Different kinds of shutter can be set to clearly show the License Plate at different speed.
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