Sell agar-agar (Vegetarian Gelatin)

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Product name: agar-agar (also known as gelose, frozen powder, Dacai, Caiyan, etc. )
Agar powdery:
Gel Strength: 700g/cm2 min ,1300g/cm2, max. (including 800g/cm2, 900g/cm2, 1000g/cm2, 1100g/cm2,1200g/cm2, 1300g/cm2

Loss weight after drying: 15% max
Dregs after burning: 5.0%max
Hot water insoluble mater: 1.0%max
Water absorbability: 75ml max
Starch assay (add two drips of iodine solution) : no color appeared
Appearance: white to light yellow
Heavy metal (calculate an lead) : 0.004% max
Arsenic: 0.0001%max

Character: extracting from sea moss of red algae, it will dilate in cold water, resolve in hot water, coagulate after cooling.
Package:polythene wrappers, 25kg, 20kg, 12.5kg, and 5kg every piece.

Use of agar-agar: can be used in food, biology, medicine, military affairs, daily cosmetic and sewage disposal industry, etc
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
100 ton per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
16 ton
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