Cooperate agent in France.

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i am in a consultant offering the french market penetration to any comapnies which products represent an opportunity for the french consummers.

alos i can extensively promote your business acroos euroep.

i have contact with food supermarkets Carrefour, Auchan. .

i have contact with Bio supermaket chain.

i have contact with the DTY.

i also help fench comapnies to source products, secure agency or relocate in China with HBMCC (china) .

i spek fluently french and english and hev little knwoledge of spanish.
German is the next language i will be teached at the Paris town hall.

i have archieve business penetration for products from China or Japan, or Korea.

i am looking forward to do much more.

i also sell website for a french coimapny who can publish te website in chinease , vitenamease , arab, english and french language.

i have been to many seminars organised by IBM Company in La Difense (near Paris) , France.

also was invited to sun seminars presentation, microsoft.

The next trade show i will wisit is ERP CRM trade show near PARIS FRANCE, held in october 2004.

richard Kingston