Cooperate agricultural food stuffs and natural stones

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we export peanuts from india all grades as per exports specifications.
we deal natural stones like granite, pebbles stones.
Offer Type: SELL OFFER

Landscaping Stones: Natural Pebbles, Sandstones &
Granite Cobbles.
Offering stone, gravel & pebbles
quality of pebbles
size in inches
mix color pebbles
2- 6 (40mm- 140mm)
2- 3 (40mm- 80mm)
all sizes natural pebbles
6- 16(150mm- 400mm)

super white pebbles
2- 6 (50mm- 140mm)

snow white quartzite gravel
1- 2 (20mm- 50mm)
2- 3 (40mm- 70mm)

flat all color pebbles
2- 4 (50mm-100mm)
1- 2 (20mm-50mm)

black pebbles & gravel
3- 4 (70mm-100mm)
1- 2 (20mm-50mm)
5- 8 (120mm-200mm)

Specifications : Purely Natural But In Appropriate &
Upto Scales Sizes. In The CaseOf Sandstones Hand
Cleaved Sizes From 2
Quality Certifications : 100% Quality Assurance For
All Exterior And Interior Uses Being Natural&
Environmental Friendly.
Offered Quantity : Own Producing Systems. Any qt.
Preferred Trading Region : Worldwide
Payment Terms : Confirmed Lc Terms For Outside India
Supply Terms : Within Specified Time. Please Let Us
Know Your Exact Requirements.