Sell aigo MP3 player from china

aigo MP3 player from china You May Also Be Interested In: portable storage storage disk
1. Supports multi-digital audio formats including MP3 and WMA
2. May be used as a portable storage disk
3. Built-in 128M/256M/512M memory
4. OLED screen, supports English and Chinese ID3 displays
5. Synchronous lyrics display
6. Remembers songs in case of power supply failure and resumes playback
7. Includes an FM radio with auto search mode and channel presets, able to directly record from the radio
8. Voice recording function, with long recording times: Approx.8hrs/128MB
9. Personalized power saving design
10. USB interface, plug and play

12 months Global Warranty.
The defective product may be returned within 30 days of delivery for exchange. All shipments charges will be covered by Aigo.
After 30 days of purchase and within the warranty period, you can send the defective products to the nearest service centre for repair and the shipping charge will be shared by both parties.
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