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General Description
This is a common air shower, the door net dimension is 80cm, as is used for blowing off dust which is attached with person body and his carrying things surface when the person enters into the assembling cleaning room.
Main Specification

Model BSS-0810MDN
Outline dimension (mm) 1500W1000W2110
Internal dimension (mm) 800W1000W1960
Air speed (m/sec) >23
Air quantity (m3/min) >16
Filter efficiency 99.99%
Power supply AC380V 3 50/60Hz
Power consumption (VA) 840/1290 (50/60Hz)
Size and quantity of primary filter (mm) 738W420W15W 2. (non woven synthetic polyster , with aluminium alloy frame)
Type and quantity of HEPA filter CHC-17S-MPW 2.
Outer body Secc galvanize steel melamine bake lacquer
Body coating Bs standard color (munsell 2.5Y8.5/1.5approx color)
Door Aluminium alloy frame (glass window)
Manual, Auto
Outlet Nozzles (30, direction can be adjusted)
Lighting 20WW 1.
Blower fan 0.4KW-2PmotorW 2.
Operating panel Differential pressure meter, timer, lighting, manual-auto shift switch
Weight (Kg) 300
Remark Interlock, Differential pressure meter for selecting