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1. The role of the body
-Lower surface temperatures, the body to achieve the most comfortable state.
-There is no excessive cooling, people always maintain a comfortable warm feeling.
-Sweat reduction in the liquid surface to control the physical exertion.
-Sweat evaporated immediately, so no sweat.
-Sweat evaporated immediately, it is not easy to skin.
2. The efficiency improvements for all working people
When do manual work in the hot place, we can be unable to continue to do the same job, and every so often a good rest and let the body cooling during this period. However, if we use the air-conditioned clothing, sweat evaporation, cooling the body, we can achieve continuous work.
3. The effect of energy costs
Using air-conditioned clothing 10 hours a day, the electricity of one month (when the use of rechargeable Ni-MH battery) , only about USD0.092 is very cheap.
4. The effect of the Earth's environment.
If we use air-conditioned clothes, not only can greatly reduce the input power generating equipment, but also conducive to the protection of the earth's environment.
-2 level temperature control, automatic facility.
-Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: 1.2V, 2, 300mAh
-Available 5-8 hours; Recycle 300-500 times
-Safe! DC low voltage design.
- Worker in hot work.
- Fishing enthusiasts, golf, and outdoor people in hot summer.
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