Sell air filter for benz,002 094 92 04

air filter for benz,002 094 92 04
The filter is same as 002 094 94 04, used for MERCE - T2/LN1 - 507 D, MERCE - T2/LN1 - 510, MERCE - T2/LN1 - 609 D and so on

The around rubber is This filter made by polyurethane. And the paper is natural wooden paper. By this polyurethane, the filter is strong enough to support the paper. And the paper is very helpful to filter every articles in the air to protect your car. JPSC filter was with good material. The filter can provide a high level of protection from dirty air and smooth the function of the engine thought increasing it performance, preventing damage to valves, cylinders, rockers and bearing.