Sell air-flow drier

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RF-1000 Air-flow Dryer is the latest drying equipment which our company have(has) studied successfully. It can dry the materials mainly using the hot wind produced by the hot-blast stove, the machine is applied to the material in dispersed state which contains high moisture humidity, such as the saw dust, grain or straw.
If the moisture is very high and the output demand is very big, we can use the two drier together, the material can lose a lot of moisture through the first outlet of the first drier.
The dryer is consisted of hot-wind stove (ready by customer) , screw feeder, buffer, blower, the pipes and cyclThe work process is that the air flow is formed through the negative pressure of blower, the materials enter into the pipe through the screw feeder, so that the hot wind and materials mix together, and the moisture is separated from the materials when passing the cyclone. At last, the materials are dried.