Sell air jet loom JA-900

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JA-900 is a newly designed model evolved from our 28 years experience in manufacturing high speed shuttleless loom .

The robust frame structure , rigid girder , greatly reduces the vibration . The 4-link beating motion system with solid rocking supporter ensure smooth and powerful beating at high speed . Using main nozzle and sub- nozzle with profile reed , it realizes stable filling insertion at high speed. Double feeler system are used to prevent short &fold pick . Equipped with precise electronic let-off (ELO) and warp tension control device , it can react synchronously to the change of warp beam diameter, and the warp yarn tension remains the same and even , thus ensure weaving of high quality and thick fabric smoothly at ultra-high speed .

The button control panel with LCD monitor makes it easy to monitor the operating conditions . The high-tech IT board and sophisticated software system built in are powerful to weave complex fabric smoothly at Ultra-high speed.