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Item: Air Pump
Model No. : SY-P8800
Input: AC120/220V
Pressure: 0.012MPa
Exhaustion Amount: 8.0L/min
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 6W
Noise: 25dB(A)
Weight: 0.80Kg
Machine Size: 165x87x76mm
Gift Box: 210x105x80mm
Product features:
(1) Streamline design, ABS plastic, corrosionproof, shockproof, good insulation, aquarium. . .
(2) Unique advanced structure, compact size, little vibration, low noise, low power consumption
(3) Leather cup is made of special rubber, aging resistant, provides purified air, no bad smell, constant airflow and air pressure
Advantages: Nice appearance & wonderful design, great deal of air output, convenient to operate, without air pollution
(1) Air Pump must be placed above water level
(2) Do not submerge the air pump into the water
(3) Do not oil at any time
(4) Disconnect the plug if the pump fails down
(5) Clean or replace air tube or stone regularly to obtain maximum airlet and longer life