Sell air purifier and bacteria killer

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air purifier and bacteria killer SP-03-06d
Clear away uneasy odor and bacteria killing in the room & car

Sterilizing: Nano-photocatalyst sterilizing, Uv ray sterilizing, Ozone (O 3) high efficient sterilizing, keep on sterilizing in the room & car.

Aromatic refreshing& air purifying: Onion air refreshing, active carbon filter, aroma can clear away the dust and purify the air.

Eyesight protecting: high efficient anion releases the uneasy factor of your eyes caused by the high tension static electricity.

Safe and harmless: Test Authority has approved it s safety and harmlessness.

High efficient: By photoeletric effect and physical way, long time lasting, easy to operate.

Economical: Good quality with favorite price, used in the room and car, compact size which could to put at anywhere as you like.

Environmentally friendly: can be put at any place in the room and car, no harm will be done to the environment.