Sell air purifier of both car and USB use with high performance

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Item: Air Purifier
Model No. : SY-A300a (Car Use)
Paper Box: 200x150x70mm
Gift Box: 368x200x150mm (5pcs)
Carton Box: 420x380x500mm (30pcs)
Model No. : SY-A300b (Both Car and USB Use)
Plastic Packing: 260x165x60mm
Gift Box: 310x175x280mm (5pcs)
Carton: 370x330x580mm (20pcs)
Unit Dimensions: 92x115?46 mm
Net Weight: 150g
Ionization Output: 1.0x106 unit / cm?
Ozone Output: <= 0.04mg/m3
Cover Material: ABS Plastic
Covering Area: 10m3
Noise: <= 50dB
Input Voltage: DC12V/5V
Power: 2W
Colors Available: Silver, Golden, Blue, Purple
(1) Disinfect the germ, prevent from the infection
(2) The deodorization removes various strange smells and smoke
(3) Eliminate dusts and particles suspending in the air
(4) The live oxygen keeps brain refreshing, enhance the breath
(5) Complement negative ion reduces the fatigue, protect your eyes
Major Functions: Air Purification, remove smoke, protect eyes and keep fresh
Working Principle: Anion and Ozone
Applicable: Car and Computer
Accessories: Car Kit Plug or both Car Kit and USB Plug