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Features & Benefits
1. Advanced technology of ozone sterilization from USA/Canada. Controlled by built-in computer chips to sterilize air periodically. Convenient to use.
2. Energy-saving. The ozone produced will rapidly spread around every corner of the room and eliminates bad odors from smoking, sweat, and dampness etc.
3. Effectively kills more than 600 kinds of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms in the air, such as: escherichia coli, streptococcus, hepatitis virus, staphylococcus and dust mites etc.
4. Exterminates and prevents the breeding of mould, and enables food to stay fresh longer.
5. The sterilization process leaves no residue that may cause pollution again.
6. A once-and-for-all investment for low-cost and trouble-free air-cleaning.
7. Various models to choose from to suit your needs.

Main Use
For sterilization, anti-bacteria, anti-mould, bad odors elimination and air
purification in kitchens, washrooms, offices, clinics, surgical operating rooms, wards,
karoake rooms, hotels, restaurants, classrooms, storage rooms, garages, factory control
rooms, etc. Also suitable for cold storage to remove odor and maintain the freshness
of food, vegetable and fruits, etc. Best for places which are highly polluted and

Power requirement: AC110V 60HZ
Power consumption: <=20W
Dimensions: 140W120W330cm
Weight: 1.5Kg
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
50 Units
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