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information for the Boeing 777 ER BRAND NEW

The following is the information for a Brand New Boeing 777-300 ER (ER=Extended Range) available for Sale.

This is a great deal for the following reasons:

1) Our group has exclusivity to sell this airplane.
2) Brand new.
3) The listed price is US $240+ million if you place an order directly with Boeing. We will sell it to your client for US $220 million.
4) Delivery time for new orders are 2012 we guarantee delivery for October 2007.
5) We will arrange financing if needed.

Please notice that the current configuration is commercial seats First, Business and Economy with individual entertainment equipments. Any custom configuration will cost extra depending on the requirements.

If your client is seriously interested the first step is send me a letter of intent (LOI) .

Time is of the essence, so please advise as soon as possible.

Best regards,

High - tech - efficient - spacious
777-300 er

The newest and ultra advanced entry in to the 300 to 400 seat market.
The extended- range 777- 300 er brings celebrated twinjet reliability and economics
To the long- range market. The 777- 300 er's
Capacity and range extend the 777
Family's span of capabilities, enabling operators to increase capacity on existing
Routes and open new non stop routes with a single airplane type. The 777- 300 er
Integrates seamlessly with other 777 family members and gives airlines more
Choices to meet market demands in the 300 - to
400 - set market.
14,595 - kilometer (7,880 - nautic miles ) range.
365 - passenger capacity with the widest available seats and aisles.
213.8 - cubic -meter (7552 - cubic - foot) cargo volume and 34 - tonne (75,750 - pound) revenue cargo capability.
5% lower trip cost and 16% lowers eat-mile cost than competing airplanes.

How high - tech?
Sharing the world's most
Advanced flight deck with the
Entire 777 family, the 777- 3 0 0 e R
Features electronic flight bag
And full- time airline -modifiable
Electronic check list, plus large R
Primary displays and a more
Capable Central maintenance
Computer than the any altest air bus models such as a340.
Refinements throughout the
Airplane reduce drag and fuel
Consumption, increase range
(up to 14,5 9 5 kilometers ) , and
Expand center- of- gravity limits
For greater flexibility in loading.
How efficient?
The 777- 300 er is 18% lighter
Than the a340 - 600. The 777
- 300 er climbs faster to a higher
Initial cruise altitude, consumes
20% less fuel per seat, and
Costs 16% less to operate per
Seat than the heavier airplane.
A member of the most reliable
Family of twin- aisle jetliners ever
Built, the 777- 300 er requires half as many maintenance daysand experiences half as many
Schedule interruptions per
Year as the heavier a340 - 600,
Greatly increasing operational
How spacious?
The 777- 300 er provides
11% more cabin area for comfortable seating than the a340 - 600.
This generous advantage enables
The 777- 300 er to carry 365 passengers in the comfort that has made the 777 family preferred
By three out of four passengers
The world over. Below decks, the
777- 300 er 's 12% cargo- volume
Advantage can accommodate 2.3 more tonnes of revenue cargo than any air bus model, a340 - 600.

Current list price at the current market: $240 million for ER
First available delivery from boeing: September 2012

delivery date for this Boeing 777-300 ER is October 2007 garunteed.

Offer 2
Aircraft Inc hereby offer to sell two 2003 Airbus
A340-500's for sale at $105 Million Each.

They are around $160
Million new from factory.

Mechanical Details of A340-500

metric imperial
Overall length 67.9 m. 222 ft. 8 in.
Height 17.1 m. 56 ft. 1 in.
Fuselage diameter 5.64 m. 18 ft. 6 in.
Maximum cabin width 5.28 m. 17 ft. 4 in.
Cabin length 53.56 m. 175 ft. 9 in.
Wingspan (geometric) 63.45 m. 208 ft. 2 in.
metric imperial
Engines four RR Trent 500
Engine thrust range 236 (249) kN 53,000 (56,000) lb. slst
Typical passenger seating 313 (3-class) 313 (3-class)
Range (w/max. passengers) 16,100 (16,700) km. 8,670 (9,000) nm.
Max. operating Mach number (Mmo) 0.86 Mo. 0.86 Mo.
metric imperial
Maximum ramp weight 373.2 (381.2) tonnes 822.8 (840.4) lbs. x 1000
Maximum takeoff weight 372 (380) tonnes 820.1 (837.8) lbs. x 1000
Maximum landing weight 243 (246) tonnes 535.7 (542.3) lbs. x 1000
Maximum zero fuel weight 230 (232) tonnes 507.1 (511.5) lbs. x 1000
Maximum fuel capacity 214,810 (222,000) Litres 56,750 (58,646) US gal.
Typical operating weight empty 170.9 (174.8) tonnes 376.8 (385.4) lbs.
x 1000
Typical volumetric payload 43.3 tonnes 95.5 lbs. x 1000
2003 AIRBUS A340-500

plus we have many more on offer , serious interested parties are welcome to get in touch with us.