Sell alarm system 32 defense zones

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Model: JY-2005-I wireless intelligent security alarm system, (32 different defense zones) , which is adopted America original chips and applied advanced microcomputer control technology
1. Without installation of wires and cables, DIY project
2. High sensitive and strong anti-interferential
3. Record message for ten seconds
4. 32 defense zones model, LED screen to indicate zones numbers, LED will flash when alarm
5. Program six groups of telephone numbers
6. Auto-call stored telephone numbers circularly and simultaneously with alarm message when alarm is triggered
7. Can finish functions settings through the keyboard on the main panel
8. Extend the time of Arm/alarm
9. Alarm time can be set from 0-30 minutes according to user's option
10. Can combine with wireless siren, be armed/disarmed with main panel synchronously
11. Mute alarm and audible alarm is at user's option
12. Separately arm/disarm for the certain defense zones
13. Self-alarm when telephone cable is disconnected or destroyed
14. Back-up rechargeable battery available for 36 hours when power is in failure
15. Remote operation to the main panel through the independent key-chain remote control
16. Ask for urgent help by using the remote control when in trouble condition
17. Urgent help function is available for 24 hours whenever in armed/disarmed condition
18. Long distance operation to the main panel by password. Like remote access, monitor, activate and deactivate the alarm system.
19. Add or reduce additional spare parts to the main panel is according to user's option
20. Optional spare parts refer to our alarm accessory in our website
21. Can link up to the networks of alarm center through an ID code
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